Friday, December 2, 2022

Michael Bisping Assaulted In Public By Man Who “Hits Like A B*tch”

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping says he was punched in New Orleans on Saturday, describing the impact as “so soft I laughed at him.” 

Bisping revealed the incident to his twitter followers on Sunday, saying that he was filming on a street when a stranger, taking umbrage to the act, decided to get in his face. After the man was told to “go away”, he punched the UFC Hall of Famer.

Bisping, a man who has often recounted tales of his street fights prior to becoming a mixed martial artist, said he simply laughed and walked away, noting that he is “mature these days.”

Michael Bisping
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It goes without saying that Bisping’s assailant likely didn’t know that his victim is a man who once fought in a cage for a living, let alone claimed world champion status while doing so.

“was just assaulted guy got in my face for filming on a public street. I told him to go away and he punched me was literally so soft I laughed at him,So funny that someone that acts so tough hits like such a bitch, I laughed and walked away. Man I’m mature these days,” tweeted Bisping.

“The Count” later tweeted a photo of his assailant, urging those who may know him to inform the gentleman as to his lack of punching power.

Now a UFC color commentator and analyst for BT Sports, Bisping is legend for the fiery trash talk which he dispensed on his rivals during his UFC career. Most notably Luke Rockhold, whom “The Count” knocked out in 2016 to claim the middleweight title, becoming the first British UFC champion.

Once fierce rivals, Bisping and Rockhold are today however on good terms. The duo recently trained together at the RVCA gym in California, where Rockhold has been preparing for his UFC return under the tutelage of Bisping’s former trainer, Jason Parillo.