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Mike Tyson Denounces Triller In Latest Lawsuit Scandal

After making his boxing comeback last November, the legendary heavyweight Mike Tyson will be fighting opponents in the courtroom too.

After the resurrection of the Mike Tyson brand after his fight with Roy Jones Jr. in 2020, it was obvious that the resurgence was getting the attention of the masses. However, after the two fought under the Triller entertainment company’s banner, there has been a rash of problems that are beginning to pop up.

It seems fighters and Triller have not been getting along, and Roy Jones Jr. made that apparent when he mentioned earlier this month that Triller failed to pay him in full for his exhibition fight against Tyson last November.

It seems the two boxers are in similar boats, and Tyson added that he will no longer conduct business with Triller after emphasizing that he had no exclusive deal with the entertainment company.

“I’m a partner in Legends Only League, and my next event is with my league. I will never do another event or any business with Triller, so anyone misrepresenting that they own the rights to my name or my next event isn’t true. I am not with or ever will be with Triller’s Fight Club.” Mike Tyson said in a statement earlier this year.

Despite Tyson’s claims, it looks like Triller boss Ryan Kavanaugh is hellbent on suing the former boxing great and believes he has a right to Tyson’s next fight.

“It is unquestionable that we have a contractual right to your next fight, including but not limited to Evander,” Kavanaugh wrote in a letter to Tyson, obtained by The Athletic. “Having spent over $30 million dollars on your first fight while being told it was a crazy risk no one would take was only because and for this right to a Tyson-Holyfield fight. We also entered into an agreement directly with Evander.” Kavanaugh said.

It will be interesting to see how the fight in the court goes, as the two stories definitely have some contrasting details. In an effort to disprove Tyson’s claims, the report indicates that Triller sent receipts for a $25-million dollar fight purse to Tyson after the fight. In the meantime, don’t get your hopes locked into another Tyson fight just yet as it looks like that may be on the backburner now.

What do you make of the latest lawsuit being filed against Mike Tyson?

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