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Nate Diaz: Nobody Has Stayed On Top As Long As Me, I’m Still Headlining

The Stockton West-Coast slugger Nate Diaz isn’t surprised he’s been on top for as long as he has.

The fan-favorite Nate Diaz is set to meet Leon Edwards at the UFC 263 pay-per-view this weekend. Despite not having competed since 2019 in a failed attempt at the “BMF” title against Jorge Masvidal, Diaz has a huge following and always attracts large audiences far and wide when he fights.

Throughout the years, Nate Diaz grew in front of the eyes of the MMA world. From winning the Ultimate Fighter reality TV show series to choking out Conor McGregor on the biggest stage in the world. Nate Diaz has seen it all. Granted, the long-time UFC veteran has come up short in a couple of losses, he is insistent that no one can match his fighting accolades.

“I’ve been fighting for the last 10, 15 years,” Diaz said speaking on a UFC preview. “I’ve done it all. I’ve fought all these guys. I’ve done more and done better than anybody. Keeping it real all the way through. I’m like a triathlete, get better with age. Nobody has stayed on top as long as me, and I’m still headlining shows.”

Nate Diaz Conor McGregor
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“I’m out there to show people I’ll beat the best of the best. If I’m not going to fight the biggest fight I could possibly find, I’m gonna fight the best fighter that I could possibly find.”

Diaz has a valid point. With 12 losses on his record, the fighter continues to attract giant audiences and knows how to garner attention for his fights.

That fact certainly does not apply to Leon Edwards, as the Englishman has struggled in the past with promoting his fights to ignite interest. Despite the misfortunes of the pandemic stalling things for “Rocky,” who rides an eight-fight win streak, he will now have the opportunity of a lifetime to catapult his name into households across the world.

However, in the end, Diaz just wants to remind people why he remains the best of the best, even in 2021. With 32 fights spanning all the way back to 2004, the Stockton native intends to shine a light on why he’s stayed on the top for as long as he has.

Nate Diaz and Leon Edwards will meet in an unprecedented 5-round non-championship fight this weekend at UFC 263.

Who will win between Nate Diaz and Leon Edwards at UFC 263?

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