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Paulo Costa Implies Low Pay Is Why He Withdrew From Cannonier Fight

After Paulo Costa withdrew from his scheduled bout with Jared Cannonier, the hard-hitting middleweight claims it was due in part to financial disagreements.

Paulo Costa, 30, started his career in the UFC with a blistering five-fight win streak. In addition to that success, four of those bouts ended with the assistance of his handy work whiles standing. It was clear after his hard-fought win against the former Olympian Yoel Romero that Costa belonged to the elite of the middleweight division.

However, after a failed title attempt in a striking battle gone wrong against champ Israel Adesanya, Paulo Costa finally was scheduled for a return but now clarifies why that has been put on hold for the time being. First, he explains that he withdrew from his most upcoming middleweight fight for financial reasons.

“UFC needs to pay me as main fighter to have fighting in main events. Youtubers are showing all disgrace on this business.” Paulo Costa posted.

With disdain for how the financial operations are going for the UFC middleweight, he continued to underline the murky situation with the recent pull-out of his fight. Imbibed with frustration, Costa explained that he never even signed a contract to fight Cannonier yet the fight got announced.

“Just to be clear. I never signed or locked up that contract. Why ufc announced this fight if didn’t signed? My question too” Costa continued in an attempt to provide clarity to why he pulled out of his fight.

While the Twitter interactions aren’t cryptic per say, they do imply that perhaps we as outsiders do not have a full grasp of all the tangibles involved in this fight withdrawal. Additonally, it seems Costa was displeased with the fact that the promotion announced the fight prematurely in his opinion.

“I never signed or locked up that contract. Why ufc announced this fight if didn’t signed? My question too”

Since it’s been reported as an undisclosed reason, there is no doubt that there are many speculations as to the true reason for Costa pulling out of his fight with Cannonier–but financial motives seem like a perfectly reasonable explanation in the eyes of most.

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