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Rashad Evans Explains Why He Wants To Fight The Paul Brothers

The former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans has offered an explanation why, if he had it his way, he’ll be fighting a Paul brother upon his return to combat sports.

Whether it be MMA or boxing, Rashad Evans has firm plans to come out of retirement and fight once again. The former light heavyweight champion confirmed the news with ESPN on Thursday. Additionally, the light heavyweight legend provided a timeline on when he might return, and it looks like it will be this year—and hopefully against a Paul brother.

With the desire to compete again, Rashad Evans clarified some of the potential opponents he has targeted for his return to combat. Like many fighters nowadays, Evans is ready to get a piece of the boxing pie with one of the Paul brothers.

“Those are the names we came up with,” Evans told ESPN. “I’ve been watching Logan and his brother, Jake, and it’s been impressive what they’ve been able to generate from an audience standpoint. It just kind of bothers me they’re out here killing it. I see them fighting these people and I’m just like, ‘This can’t be real. They’re out here really beating people at this?’

In addition to calling out Roy Jones Jr., the former UFC champ is ready to join in on the entertainment era of fights. In fact, Evans admitted that he and his team are already in preliminary discussions with Logan Paul‘s management team.

“I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. They can’t be this good, and I want to test it out. We’ve been speaking with Roy [Jones Jr.], and my management has talked to Logan’s people, but it’s all in the preliminary stages.”

Logan Paul recently went the distance with Floyd Mayweather in a Showtime pay-per-view exhibition boxing event. Hailed as a win itself, even his brother Jake Paul is under the impression that his brother beat the best boxer on the planet.

In an effort to capitalize on the moment, Jake Paul turned his “Gotcha Hat” catchphrase into “Gotcha Fu**king Career” in the aftermath of his brother taking Mayweather to a decision.

On the other hand, Jake Paul is set to face former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in a Showtime boxing match on August 28. With one of the Paul brothers tied up already, perhaps Rashad Evans sees an opportunity to pounce on the other one.

With a variety of options seemingly at his fingertips, it will be exciting to see where Rashad Evans ends up in the second chapter of his storied combat sports career.

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