Thursday, June 30, 2022

Rashad Evans: Mayweather Took It Easy On Logan Paul

Rashad Evans believes Floyd Mayweather took it easy on Logan Paul in their exhibition bout.

In Miami, Mayweather and Paul fought in a highly-anticipated bout. Mayweather was the undefeated pro boxer while Paul is a massive internet celebrity and had boxing experience but was 0-1 as a pro. However, the YouTuber had a massive size advantage in the fight.

Yet, many still believes Mayweather would be able to bring it on Paul late and get the stoppage win. However, the bout ended up going the distance and according to Evans, he believes that is due to the fact Mayweather took it easy on Paul.

Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul
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“Floyd’s a businessman and he has business with the Paul brothers,” Evans said to ESPN when he revealed he’s ending his retirement. “Now, Floyd was very small going into the fight, but do I think he carried him? Yeah. I can’t make the argument he wasn’t big enough to land anything to knock him out. At the end of the day, Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time. You put me in a cage against somebody who has the same experience [as Paul], they won’t last. Period. So, I do think Floyd took it easy on him.”

Although Evans believes Mayweather took it easy on Paul, it also could be due to the fact he is 44-years-old and was massively undersized in the fight. He did try to land some power shots, but due to the size, it didn’t seem to impact Paul.

After the fight, however, Mayweather admitted Paul was better than he thought and was impressed by him. He also said that would likely be the last time he fought, even an exhibition. As for Evans, he says he’s now interested in boxing Paul.

Do you agree with Rashad Evans that Floyd Mayweather took it easy on Logan Paul?

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