Thursday, December 8, 2022

Renan Ferreira Not Happy With PFL Over Not Getting Fabricio Werdum Rematch

Renan Ferreira is questioning why he hasn’t gotten an immediate rematch with Fabricio Werdum.

Back in June, Ferreira and Werdum shared the cage in the main event of PFL 3. In the first round, Werdum locked in a triangle choke. It appeared that Ferreira tapped out but referee Keith Peterson didn’t call the fight off. Werdum let go of the hold and was on the receiving end of some vicious strikes from Ferreira. Peterson then called a halt to the fight and Ferreira was awarded the first-round finish.

That decision was quickly overturned. The result is now officially a No Contest.

Ferreira isn’t very happy with the PFL over not booking him in a rematch with Werdum right away as he told

“All this is very shady. Ray Sefo told my management team that the Werdum rematch was the fight that made sense to do next. PFL had social media posts asking people if they wanted to see it and they said yes. Now we find out on social media I’m facing the last champion while Werdum faces (Brandon) Sayles.”

Ferreira went on to say that he feels PFL may be playing favorites.

“I find it interesting how all this is happening. First, we have them interviewing Werdum after our fight but they didn’t interview me. They only showed the replay in slow motion that made it seem I tapped. After that, the commission changed the result of our fight over the weekend in a decision so fast a lot of people have questioned their procedure.”

Ferreira and Werdum will be on the same card on June 25. Ferreira will take on Ali Isaev, while Werdum is set to collide with Brandon Sayles. Those fights will be a part of the PFL 6 card.