Sean Strickland Threatens To Smack Trolls In Front Of Their Children

UFC middleweight Sean Strickland has taken to his Instagram to send an expletive-filled warning to internet trolls.

Strickland’s ominous video comes as a response to those who criticized his actions during an altercation with renowned grappler Orlando Sanchez in training.

“Tarzan” was involved in a heated physical confrontation with “The Cuban Tree Stump” during his preparations ahead of his first UFC main event against Uriah Hall next month.

In short clip posted to his Instagram, Strickland can be seen grappling with the ADCC gold medalist. After Sanchez secured an underhook, the 39-year-old cranked Strickland’s arm. In response, the ranked UFC middleweight threw a spinning back fist and a front kick to Sanchez’s body.

Despite the aggressive manoeuvre from Sanchez, it’s been the reaction from Sean Strickland that’s been criticized by many. In another video uploaded to his account, the 30-year-old addressed those who had taken issue with his response, describing them as “cowards.”

“Listen, you guys running your f*cking mouth, if you were to see me in person and come say that sh*t to me, I would smack you in the f*cking face,” Strickland said. “Let’s say you’re not cool like Orlando, let’s say you’re a d*ck, and you get mad, and you put your hands up, not like Orlando, I would continue to hit you in the f*cking face.”

With some suggesting that his reaction was overly physical, Strickland went on to explain that the bigger issue was that anyone was shocked by it.

“I’m a cage fighter. This is what I f*cking do. I like to hurt people. Don’t be shocked at what I did. Be shocked at yourself.”

As if he hadn’t nailed home the point enough, Strickland invited the trolls to meet him in person so that he can beat them up in front of their children.

“Matter of fact, if you want to run your f*cking mouth, (but) not on the internet, you should come up to me, do it in person, and bring your f*cking kids, so after I smack you in the mouth, they can watch me smack their f*cking coward father, and maybe they can learn a lesson and not be a b*tch like you.”

Catch Strickland’s full explosive rant below.

“Tarzan” did finish with a motto that perhaps most celebrities and fighters would agree with: “Stay off the internet. Stop running your f*cking mouth.”

But Strickland will soon have to transfer his anger away from a Starbucks drive-thru and back into the Octagon. He’s set to headline the UFC’s July 31 Fight Night card against perennial contender Uriah Hall.

What did you make of Strickland’s fiery Instagram rant?