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Smith Says Jon Jones Failed Every Drug Test Of UFC 235 Fight Week

Anthony Smith is casually making an enormous accusation against Jon Jones that dates back over two years ago.

In March 2019, Jon Jones successfully defended the UFC light heavyweight championship against Anthony “Lionheart” Smith in the UFC 235 main event. However, there was one wrong move in the fight that nearly rendered the defense “unsuccessful” and would have resulted in Smith becoming the new champion.

Anthony Smith’s Noble Decision

Anthony Smith Jon Jones
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Late in the fourth round, Jon Jones was cruising to what had all the makings of a shutout unanimous-decision victory. Then, in the closing seconds of the round, Jones landed an illegal knee to a downed Anthony Smith.

This means Smith could have been the first fighter to win a UFC world title off of a disqualification, not Aljamain Sterling. Like Petr Yan before him, Jon Jones landed an illegal knee to the title challenger before he had a chance to make his way up to his feet.

Had Smith said he was unable to continue, he likely would have been crowned the new champion after a DQ victory, just as Aljamain Sterling was two years later. The fact that Smith opted to continue fighting instead of accepting the title this way led Jones to express his gratitude to the Lionheart and praise him as a “gentleman.”

Anthony Smith Claims Jones Failed Every Drug Test The Week Of UFC 235

Fast forward one year later, and Jon Jones was publicly criticizing if not overtly roasting Anthony Smith for struggling to subdue a home invader. Understandably, Smith did not take kindly to Jones’s comments, and that still holds true to this day. Looking back, Smith still doesn’t have an answer for what prompted this sudden shift from Jones, especially considering Smith’s claim that he has withheld some pretty damaging information about Jones in connection to their 2019 fight (h/t

“Up until that very point, he had never taken a shot at me personally,” Smith said in an appearance on The Jenna Ben Show. “He’d obviously said he’s gonna kick my ass, he’s even said, ‘I don’t like that he said this,’ but he’s never been able to refute anything I said because I always talk about Jon very factually. He does this well, he does that well, he was suspended for this, but I never get into his drug test bullsh*t,” he continued.

“I never even told anyone Jon failed every drug test the entire week leading up to our fight. Every single drug test. I never brought it up one time in any interview, in any media thing, nothing.

“The commission called me every day to let me know he was still failing his drug tests. I never said anything, I let it be because I was just focused on myself and always believed that if you just focus on yourself, you’re going to be that much more successful.”

Jon Jones’s Documented Test Issues Ahead Of UFC 235

Jon Jones
Jon Jones

This is indeed a strong accusation being made here by Smith and could only mean one of two things. He is either accusing USADA, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), and the UFC of a coverup or he is dismissing the findings of USADA and the NSAC.

Prior to UFC 235, it was revealed that Jones was experiencing long-term complications from a past ingestion of Oral Turinabol that resulted in the pulsing of the M3 metabolite. This would cause some of Jones’s tests to be flagged for picograms (one trillionth of a gram) of the banned substance. It was determined by USADA that the levels of banned substances could not positively affect Jones’s performance, and an independent arbitration panel also determined that these irregular picogram levels were not the result of any intentional cheating or new ingestion.

Alexander Gustafsson Jon Jones
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The lead-up to Jones’s UFC 232 title defense against Alexander Gustafsson three months earlier was practically identical. The irregular test results caused discomfort with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which forced the UFC to move the event from Vegas to Inglewood, California.

Months later, after hearing all the evidence and expert testimony, the NSAC agreed to grant Jones a conditional license. His fight against Smith was cleared to take place in Vegas, provided Jones undergo additional testing from the commission in addition to his USADA testing.

Consequently, it makes sense that Smith would be notified if there were still irregular tests as a courtesy and also to confirm that he was comfortable with the commission’s findings that Jones’s performance would not be positively affected. Therefore, Smith’s accusation is almost certainly in reference to such a notification.

If he were notified of any other test failure by Jones separate from the above-documented situation and yet Jones was still allowed to fight, that would mean there was a major coverup at play.

As mentioned, the only other alternative would be if Smith is outright dismissing all the technical mumbo jumbo and considering any “adverse” test result to be tantamount to any other drug test failure. In this case, Smith would be among many other people who have taken this same stance on Jones’ latest drug test controversies.

What do you make of Anthony Smith’s accusation that Jones “failed” every drug test the week of UFC 235?