Thursday, May 19, 2022

Tibau: PFL 5 Decision Over MacDonald Was A Big Surprise

Welterweight Gleison Tibau has admitted that his split decision victory over Rory MacDonald at PFL 5 came as a “big surprise.”

Tibau secured one of the year’s biggest upsets against “Red King” last week, but it wasn’t without controversy.

Fans, fighters and members of the media were enraged when the Brazilian was awarded the victory. Most thought that MacDonald had comfortably won two rounds and had a case for all three.

Speaking to the media at the culmination of the event, the former UFC veteran revealed his own surprise at the questionable decision.

“Every fighter I know, when a tough fight goes to the decision, gets nervous. I do not know. It was a big surprise,” Tibau said.

But despite addressing what many have labeled as a clear “robbery,” Gleison Tibau remained happy with his performance and a victory over an opponent like MacDonald.

“Rory is a legend, he’s tough, a complete fighter. He has good wrestling, striking, and grappling. It’s not an easy fight. I’m really happy because I didn’t fight for a long time.”

Tibau added that he felt much better inside the cage compared to his PFL debut loss against Joao Zeferino in April.

“My first fight here at the PFL was Joao Zeferino. A tough guy, Brazilian too. It had been a long time since I competed. I wasted time. Today, I’m more comfortable in the cage.

Despite taking home the victory, it doesn’t appear that talk of the controversial decision will die down anytime soon for Tibau. MacDonald called for an investigation into the judging in the aftermath of the headlining bout.

The former UFC welterweight title challenger will have to pick himself up and move past the defeat, with a tough matchup against the 2019 season champion Ray Cooper III awaiting him in the PFL playoffs.

Do you think Gleison Tibau’s win over Rory MacDonald at PFL 5 was a ‘robbery’?

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