Tuesday, January 18, 2022

VIDEO: Israel Adesanya & Marvin Vettori Have Tense Run-In At Hotel

In case you were wondering, Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori still aren’t friends.

After their initial encounter in 2018, UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori have jawed at one another from afar on and off for years. While not on the same level of trash tak as some of Adesanya’s other nemeses like Jon Jones, Paulo Costa, or even Derek Brunson, Vettori is still high up on the list of Izzy’s least favorite people on the UFC roster.

Over the weekend, Adesanya and Vettori had the opportunity to address one another more directly in a split-screen interview during the UFC Vegas 28 podcast. Things escalated rather quickly, and the bulk of the segment was volatile, with both parties hurling insults and speaking over one another. What was unspoken in the segment was the clear, shared understanding that they’d have the opportunity to come face to face and settle the score at UFC 263 this Saturday.

As fate would have it, the two came face to face earlier than expected during a brief stop-and-chat at the fighter hotel (via thr3thirtythr33/Instagram, h/t ESPN MMA).

Here is the full transcript of the exchange:

Adesanya: “Again.”

Vettori: “Where’s my belt?”

Adesanya: “What belt? You got a Gucci belt, don’t you?”

Vettori: “No, no belt yet.”

Adesanya: “You should get one.”

Vettori: “I’m about to get mine.”

Adesanya: “You’re not getting mine.”

Vettori: “I’m getting yours, brother. I’m getting yours, my friend! I’m getting yours.”

Adesanya: “I’m not your friend.”

Adesanya’s “Gucci” remark may have been an errant reference to Vettori’s recent sponsorship deal with Dolce & Gabanna. The only belt Vettori is looking for isn’t sold in either Italian fashion house, though. However, as the current belt owner made perfectly clear, this priceless accessory will not be available as long as he is the rightful owner.

Do you think Marvin Vettori will take Adesanya’s belt at UFC 263 this Saturday?

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