Friday, December 2, 2022

VIDEO: Logan Paul Asks Mayweather To “Chill” During Exhibition Bout

A video has emerged of Logan Paul asking Floyd Mayweather to “chill” in the middle of their exhibition bout earlier this month.

Bragging Rights: Mayweather vs. Paul was a huge success. The June pay-per-view reportedly pulled in over a million buys, which isn’t bad for an exhibition bout featuring an 0-1 boxer.

Many people have praised Logan Paul for his performance against Mayweather, with some people even believing he won the bout. Of course, there are no official winners or losers in an exhibition, so the moral victory of going the distance with one of boxing’s all-time greats was just going to have to suffice for the YouTuber.

As it turns out, Logan Paul may have requested Mayweather’s help to ensure that he made it this far, however. In video footage posted by YouTube channel AGFILMz, Paul could be heard telling Mayweather, “Chill, champ, chill. It’s just an exhibition.” Check it out for yourself below:

Paul’s request can be heard at the 4:30 mark after Mayweather had ramped up his aggression.

Of course, it’s possible that Paul was just having fun, or he could have legitimately been asking the champ for leniency. Ultimately, Paul’s motives in uttering these remarks are up to every individual’s own interpretation.

Logan Paul is already planning on returning to the boxing ring soon, though his opponent has yet to be determined. One name that has emerged as a possibility is the returning Rashad Evans, who is now ready to try his hand at boxing, especially if it means a big money fight against a Paul brother.

What do you make of Logan Paul asking Floyd Mayweather to “chill” during their exhibition bout?