Sunday, May 22, 2022

White Explains Why He Won’t Take Legal Action Against Joshua Fabia

Joshua Fabia can rest easy knowing that Dana White & the UFC will not be taking legal action against him after his recent accusation of fight fixing.

After the split between the controversial Joshua Fabia and UFC legend Diego Sanchez, Fabia went scorched earth on Sanchez, making several heavy accusations about his ex-client. Once described as Sanchez’s manager, trainer, coach, and guru, Fabia swiftly made a four-for-one trade, swapping the above terms in exchange for the label of “bitter enemy.”

But while Fabia was launching wild attacks at Sanchez, there were a couple of powerful entities caught in the crossfire: the UFC and the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Fabia claimed that Sanchez was talked into throwing a fight after commission representatives did the UFC’s bidding of coercing Sanchez into the decision. Sanchez has taken the high road and opted not to respond to this accusation nor any other charge made by Fabia.

Dana White Responds To Fabia’s Fight-Fixing Allegations

UFC President Dana White was asked about Fabia’s allegations, specifically whether or not he considered taking any legal action against the School of Self-Awareness leader. White dismissed that possibility, figuratively throwing the idea in the same trash can that he believes Fabia himself belongs.

“If you take anything that that guy serious, you should be fuckin’ beat with a stick,” White said on the Real Quick With Mike Swick podcast. “So it’s almost like if the source was somebody that was even remotely credible, yeah, I would (take action)…

Dana White
Dana White, Credit: USA TODAY Sports

“I could give a flying fuck what that guy says. That guy is an absolute fucking goofball. I mean, I think the kid is mentally ill. So should I fire up the lawyers for a mentally ill fuckin’ goofball? You know what I mean?” White asked with a chuckle. “It’s just a complete waste of time.”

As much as White and many others do not place any value on the gospel according to Joshua Fabia, something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this notorious figure. The verbose guru may very well have some more surprises in store that will continue to test the patience of Dana White as well as many within the MMA community across the board.

If you were in Dana White’s position, would you take legal action against Joshua Fabia for his fight-fixing allegation?

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