Wednesday, October 20, 2021

White Sets The Record Straight On Why Ortega & Volkanovski Are TUF Coaches

UFC president Dana White gave a firm statement on why he dubbed Brian Ortega and champion Alexander Volkanovski as TUF coaches on the latest season.

Following former title challenger Colby Covington‘s critique of the latest coaches of The Ultimate Fighter, it seems many are wondering why the UFC boss chose two athletes that don’t necessarily garner the big views like a grudge series between Jorge Masvidal and Covington for instance.

While views are important, it seems White believes a fighter’s ability to coach these young upstarts is just as important as the ratings. With several fighters trapped in a house only to train and think about fighting, the UFC president has always been under the impression that the ongoing pressure forms champions in the end.

It is hard to argue with White on this point. Some examples of TUF fighters that went on to secure UFC titles include Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping, Carla Esparza, Forrest Griffin, and many more. In a recent interview, White shared his thoughts on why the TUF coaches were selected.

“What we’re looking for is guys that can actually go in and mentor these kids, actually coach them, show them…who can actually make a difference in their careers. And you couldn’t ask for two better guys than Ortega and Volkanovski. And yeah, there might not be the type of drama that you would get from maybe a Colby and an Usman, but I guarantee you the fight’s gonna be badass.” Dana White said after being asked about the TUF coaches.

Admittedly, White acknowledges that drama may not be at its height within the latest season, but the UFC boss assures everyone that the fight between Brian Ortega and champion Alexander Volkanovski will deliver when they finally meet.

What do you make of the TUF coaches that UFC president Dana White selected?

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