Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Woodley Asks Fans To Help Ensure Jake Paul Doesn’t Back Out Of Fight

As excited as “The Chosen One” Tyron Woodley was to learn he would be getting the Jake Paul fight he lobbied for, that enthusiasm is curbed by fears that his famed opponent will pull out.

On August 28, former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley will take on the trending YouTuber turned pro boxer, Jake Paul. Paul may be a novice compared to other professional boxers, but he may as well be Muhammad Ali in terms of drawing power. His most recent boxing event against Ben Askren is reported to have sold well over 1 million pay-per-views. Already viewed as one of the top draws in boxing, Paul undoubtedly had many takers for the opportunity to be his next opponent.

Perhaps the most vocal among these options was the one chosen, Tyron Woodley. Indeed, Woodley was selected after pushing hard for the fight in recent weeks, and the bout has been finalized for August 28.

Still, despite the contracts being signed and the promotion for the event kicking off, Woodley has his doubts about if Paul will actually go through with the fight. For this reason, Woodley is moving cautiously so that he won’t scare Paul off.

“I was like, ‘Man, this not gonna really happen,’” Woodley recalled on the Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast about his immediate thoughts after Paul agreed to the fight. “It was like one of those things that I’m scared to even post a lot of the training. I’m cutting some of the stuff that makes me look like a savage out because I don’t want him to get freaked out and be like, ‘Naw…oh, my leg hurt.’ That’s why I said we needed the anti-bitch clause.”

Woodley thinks the public is underestimating his boxing experience, being that he has been training and sparring with world-champion boxers for several years now. He also credits his boxing passion for being the bridge that led to his MMA voyage. Now, the former UFC champion has an opportunity to act on this passion with the eyes of the combat sports world and beyond watching. That is, of course, provided that Paul does not walk away as Woodley dreads.

To combat these fears, Woodley is asking for the public’s help to ensure that Jake Paul shows up on August 28 by helping him add an unofficial clause to their contract.

“That’s the part that was the most nerve-wracking, not the training, not switching over to boxing…those things were exciting. The thing that was kind of frustrating to me and scary is: What if I get all gassed up and pumped up that I’m about to go out here and beat this dude up and completely change my narrative, lift up my profile, and then he just bitch out?” Woodley said.

“So that’s why I’m trying to pressure him. So if he try to do that bullshit, I want the fans—hashtag, everybody that’s watching this—hashtag #AntiBitchClause. Don’t try to say you bust your hymen doing sprints. Don’t try to say you’re on your monthly. Don’t say none of that BS. Come and catch this fade. Don’t fake <coughs> corona. You probably drank the Clorox. I don’t wanna hear it.”

Do you plan on helping Tyron Woodley’s cause by making his proposed #AntiBitchClause go viral?

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