Saturday, January 22, 2022

Quote: If I Was Dana White, I Would Fine Conor McGregor $1 Million

Well-known MMA manager, Ali Abdelaziz, believes Conor McGregor should be fined for his antics post-UFC 264.

McGregor shared the Octagon with Dustin Poirier a third time in the main event of UFC 264. It was supposed to mark the end of their rivalry but business remains unsettled. McGregor suffered a broken tibia at the end of the fight. Poirier theorized that a checked leg kick is what caused the injury but it may have actually occurred when McGregor’s shin connected with Poirier’s elbow.

After the fight, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan interviewed McGregor. The former UFC “Champ-Champ” was none-too-pleased over what had transpired and he laid into Poirier on the mic. He even called Poirier’s wife, Jolie, a “little hoe.” Jolie responded by flipping the bird.

During a media gathering, Abdelaziz expressed his belief that McGregor should be fined for his personal digs (h/t

“If I was Dana White, I would fine this guy $1 million. Dana should have guidelines. I know Dana said, ‘We say mean things to each other.’ Can you imagine if somebody (said this) about Dana’s wife? I know Dana don’t give a sh*t, but in reality, (McGregor) is just completely wrong because this footage is for life. It’s for life. In reality, man, him and his entire people, they are just bad people, man. All of them. They’re delusional.”

Abdelaziz was also well aware of McGregor threatening to kill Poirier and his wife, which wasn’t caught during the UFC 264 broadcast. Poirier did make mention of it during his interview with Rogan and said of all the trash talk that was hurled by McGregor, the murder threats irked him the most.

McGregor will likely get a fourth fight with Poirier but he’ll have to wait. Following successful surgery, the “Notorious” one will spend six weeks on crutches. Poirier’s next bout will likely be for the UFC Lightweight Title against champion Charles Oliveira.

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