Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Chris Weidman Reveals Leg Hasn’t Healed Properly, Another Surgery Set

Former UFC Middleweight Champion, Chris Weidman, will need to undergo a second surgery on his leg.

Weidman suffered a grotesque leg injury on the main card of UFC 261 back in April. Weidman threw a leg kick at his opponent, Uriah Hall. UFC color commentator Joe Rogan heard a loud sound when the shin made contact and initially thought Weidman connected with a solid kick. What ended up happening was Hall checked the kick, causing Weidman’s leg to snap.

Weidman recently appeared on MMA Today and revealed that recovery hasn’t gone well and he will be going under the knife again.

Weidman hasn’t been shy in saying that the recovery process has been rough. Despite this, Weidman was back to walking rather quickly and he even returned to the gym in short order.

Here’s what he told Michael Bisping during an appearance on the Believe You Me podcast.

“It’s been pretty damn brutal, as you can imagine. It completely sucks but I will say, this is breaking news, I was actually in the gym today. I boxed a little bit. I figured I was going to go to the gym and hit the bag for like a minute and then put my leg up, elevate it and just chill out, just be happy to be in the gym, but there were some guys around and we started play sparring and I was like, ‘Man, this is awesome!’ It felt so good to be back in the gym. So that was a big day for me, but it’s been a crazy road.”

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