Conor McGregor Just Gave New Meaning To “Getting In Opponent’s Head”

It sure sounds as though Conor McGregor is literally trying to get inside Dustin Poirier’s head ahead of their UFC 264 trilogy clash.

Audio therapy is a practice used to help individuals of all ages enter a relaxed state and allow their minds to wander to a place that will produce great emotional and/or psychological benefits. During the wee hours of the night, Conor McGregor decided to implement a warped version of this process in a haunting tone of voice almost befitting someone attempting to lull the listener to sleep.

McGregor will much more aggressively look to reach that end when he aims for Poirier’s noggin during their UFC 264 bout. In the meantime, he is already working on occupying space inside Poirier’s “peahead” with the release of a chilling recorded message. Actually, it’s best you just listen to it yourself.

“Dustin…peahead…I’m coming for you, peahead…silly hillbilly,” McGregor uttered rhythmically.

This is quite the new tactic, but as someone who has become widely known for his mind games, it’s not surprising to see McGregor continue to invent new methods of psychological warfare, which now includes playing the role of an evil hypnotist.

McGregor will have the opportunity to share more ominous words to Dustin Poirier this Thursday during the UFC 264 pre-fight press conference. Given how different the build-up to this trilogy fight has already varied from that of their cordial rematch, fans should expect to see vintage McGregor take the stage with warnings and predictions issued with much more animation than the tranquil recording above.