Saturday, January 22, 2022

Mystic Mac Predicts Poirier Is About To Have Years Taken From His Life

Conor McGregor is pulling out his old “Mystic Mac” routine and making a prediction for his fight.

One week out from the highly anticipated trilogy fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, things are beginning to heat up. There are no “buddy-buddy” Twitter exchanges this time around. After McGregor was TKO’d by Poirier in the last fight, he is coming for blood. Now, McGregor is again hitting up Poirier on Twitter with his classic trash talk and threats.

“3 fights against me for any man is an early grave. God bless,” McGregor wrote on Twitter.

This isn’t the only threat being made by McGregor. He is actively trying to get into the head of Poirier. The use of talk and threats has worked well for McGregor over the years. It was one of the main reasons he skyrocketed into the star he is today. MMA fans love to quote McGregor and his famous lines.

Recently, fans have seen a different side of McGregor. Since his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov, McGregor seems calmer. He had no beef leading up to his fight with Donald Cerrone, and that worked out well for him. McGregor sought out the previous match-up with Poirier by asking to make it a charity fight. The two were very cordial leading up to the bout, and Poirier walked away as the winner.

If McGregor thinks this talk will be the deciding factor to beat Poirier, he might be mistaken. Poirier seems unphased by this verbal pressure being placed on him from his opponent. In fact, he has sent a few shots right back.

With fight week approaching and a press conference scheduled, sparks are going to continue to fly between these two. Maybe we will see the old McGregor back again, and maybe we will see a new fired-up Poirier. Either way, this fight will be exciting from beginning to end.

Do you like to see trash talk between fighters leading up to fight night?

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