Covington: If Poirier Doesn’t Fight Me, I’m His Daughter’s True Father

It isn’t getting any easier for Dustin Poirier to look the other way as Colby Covington makes things increasingly personal between them.

Two years ago, around the time Colby “Chaos” Covington had begun his acrimonious separation from American Top Team (ATT), one of the people Covington took aim at was Dustin Poirier, whom Covington called “childish.” Poirier did not appreciate how Covington was speaking about his teammates nor the insult directed at him, which resulted in Poirier warning Covington that it would be “on sight” when they crossed paths again.

The two would then experience a short-lived reconciliation that would implode once Covington officially left ATT. At this point, the controversial welterweight would once again spare none of his former teammates from his wrath, particularly Poirier. All the while, Poirier refrained from responding to Covington’s attacks.

Last week, Covington decided to escalate matters by releasing a video showing Dustin Poirier celebrating after dropping a fighter during a sparring session. Poirier decided to provide a brief refutation of Covington’s claim that he was sparring an amateur, and that was the extent of the attention Poirier gave Covington.

Covington Challenges Poirier To Settle Personal Feud

UFC: Colby Covington says former teammate Dustin Poirier is 'fake' and will  'never get' Khabib and McGregor rematches | South China Morning Post

Fast forward to UFC 264 this past Saturday, where Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor in the main event via TKO (doctor’s stoppage). This victory put Poirier directly in line for a title shot against lightweight champion Charles Oliveira, which UFC President Dana White confirmed to be next for “The Diamond.” White has also confirmed that Covington will receive a title shot in his next fight as well against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

In an interview with MMA News’ James Lynch on the Combat Sports With Fanatics View platform, Covington pitched that both he and Poirier should place aside their title shots for the time being to first handle some unfinished business and specifically laid out why Poirier should do so.

“If he did, it would be a bigger money opportunity for him to do that than to fight that guy because the guy he’s gotta fight, he doesn’t have a draw in America,” Covington said in reference to Poirier facing Oliveira. “Nobody even really knows who he is in Brazil. He’s just not a draw. He’s not gonna sell pay-per-views. So his best money opportunity, if he wants to do good business, is to come up to 170 and see daddy.”

Covington would then go on to take things to another level of personal with his former teammate. According to Covington, not only is he Poirier’s “daddy,” but should Poirier opt not to fight him, then that would make him the true father of Poirier’s daughter Parker and the head of the Poirier household.

“This is a personal rivalry, James. This isn’t like I’m trying to pick on someone and there’s no narrative to the fight,” Covington explained. “Man, this guy, we go back 10 years training together. And he said some things to me in the gym, I’ve said some things to him. There’s deep, deep, deep personal issues with this drama and with this beef. And I just hope they get settled in the Octagon someday.

“But if they don’t, then the fans get to know who daddy is, and they get to know that I’m really Parker’s daddy. And it’s not Dustin who’s Parker’s daddy. I’m Parker’s daddy, and I’m Jolie’s husband.”

Colby Covington also went as far as you can take it with another former ATT teammate and his former best friend Jorge Masvidal when Covington insulted Masvidal as both a husband and a father. Now, Covington is picking up where Conor McGregor left off by involving Poirier’s family in his trash talk.

Do you think Colby Covington went too far with his comments here?

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