Dana White Says Fight Nights Could Remain In UFC Apex For Two Years

The UFC may only be hitting the road for pay-per-views for the foreseeable future, UFC president, Dana White revealed.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFC was in different cities for every Fight Night and pay-per-view card. However, since the pandemic hit, they had the majority of events at the UFC Apex. Yet, as they begin to travel once again for PPVs, White says Fight Night card will last at the Apex for the time being.

“I’m staying in the Apex for the Fight Nights for the rest of the year. And we’re working on bringing fans in and unique, different, cool ways for fans to come and watch fights at the Apex,” White said to MMAJunkie. “And then I’m looking for whatever’s open, whatever’s next. Anywhere in the world is where I’ll go next.”

Dana White and the UFC have not hesitated to go to places where they can have full capacity events. Yet, as more and more states and countries begin to open 100 percent, White says Fight Nights may happen at the Apex for two more years.

However, White also knows that taking the UFC on the road to smaller cities for Fight Night cards is a great way to grow the sport.

“I think for a couple of years we could do that what helped build the sport was taking fights to places like Omaha, Nebraska, all these towns and cities that love the UFC and got to experience a live event,” White said.

As of right now, White has already said Fight Night cards will be at the Apex for the rest of the year. Yet, the hope is the September 4 card will take place in London, so perhaps the promotion would do some Fight Night cards in different cities but the majority would still be at the UFC facility in Las Vegas.

What do you make of Dana White saying Fight Night cards may remain at the Apex for two more years?

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