Jake Paul Addresses If He’s The “Right Spokesperson” For Fighter Pay

Jake Paul has been vocal about his displeasure with the UFC‘s pay of their fighters.

Ever since Paul has been getting more popular with his boxing career, he has taken shots at Dana White and the UFC. Paul has made it clear he’s looking to box UFC fighters, but as of late, he has been vocal about fighter pay.

Paul has blasted White several times for not paying Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones to make a superfight. Then, after UFC bantamweight Sarah Alpar made a GoFundMe to help her pay for training camp, which Paul donated to, he only raised his voice on fighter pay.

“It’s very important. Goldman Sachs just came out with a study that UFC fighters get 10% of their earnings that the UFC gets,” Paul said in a media scrum. “Other leagues like the NBA, the NFL, they get 50%. Fighters are putting their life on the line, Chris Weidman’s snapping his shin in half, fighters deserve more. And look, a lot of people are scared of Dana White, I don’t give a shit. He’s out there bragging about winning $7 million on blackjack while his fighters are starting GoFundMe pages. So something needs to change. The fighters are the content. The fighters are the ones that are making the show, and I think the fighters just deserve more.”

Dana White, Jake Paul

Although Paul has been vocal on fighter pay, many have said the star UFC fighters are the ones who need to step up. However, Paul makes it clear he’s not trying to be a spokesman for UFC fighter pay, but he believes he has to say something due to the platform he has.

“I’m not a spokesman. I’m not trying to be. But who else is? Like, when has anybody ever talked about fighter pay and made it this big of a point? So I guess I’m that person now. But it’s just something I’m passionate about. I’m not trying to be a hero or anything like that. But if something doesn’t make sense to me, I’m gonna call it out,” Paul said.

Jake Paul will make his return to the boxing ring on August 29 when he takes on Tyron Woodley.

What do you make of Jake Paul speaking up on UFC fighter pay?

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