Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jake Paul Denies White’s Recent Claim With Scathing Open Letter

Jake Paul had a mouthful to say to Dana White in an impassioned denial of White’s claim that Paul was rejected from signing with the UFC.

Don’t look now, but it’s beginning to look more and more like Jake Paul is turning full babyface. Originally viewed as persona non grata among the MMA community, the brash YouTuber may be picking up more and more fans by the day.

First, Jake Paul donated $5,000 to financially struggling MMA fighter Sarah Alpar’s GoFundMe for training camp, which warmed the hearts of many, especially Alpar. Now, he has composed a pretty detailed if not educated letter addressed directly to UFC President Dana White.

The letter was inspired by White’s recent claim that Paul wanted to sign with the UFC. White made this claim after a host of a CNBC program brought up Paul’s recent fighter-pay crusade. Between his donation to Sarah Alpar and the following letter, it’s hard not to credit Paul for putting his actions where his highly ruminated words are.

You can check out the full letter below.

“Dana White…you may have bullied your way to controlling thousands of fighting careers, but I never said I want to sign with the UFC, nor will I ever. Maybe I would consider letting you co-promote one (of) my events against a UFC champion like you did for Conor when he fought Floyd…because you wouldn’t let Conor actually do it himself without you taking your cut. 

“You live in lies and every major fighter on your roster has complained about your pay…Conor, Jones, Masvidal, Diaz, Ngannou. You even make up fake belts to sell tickets instead of giving Amanda Nunes her opportunity to headline. 

“Remember, Dana, you were a cardio kickboxing instructor and didn’t even create the UFC (Gracie and Davie created it, the Fertitas saved it, and the FIGHTERS made it popular) YOU’RE a bald bum who can’t do an interview now without being asked about me…pay your fighters more!”

Jake Paul is set to face former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley on August 28 in a boxing match. Meanwhile, Dana White has his hands full with tomorrow night’s epic UFC 264 blockbuster, so it may take a while for this letter to reach his attention, if it ever does.

Overall, do you agree with what Jake Paul had to say here?

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