Monday, May 23, 2022

Logan Paul Guarantees KO Win If Mayweather Grants Him A Rematch

Logan Paul is promising a knockout victory if he’s able to share the ring with Floyd Mayweather a second time.

Back in June, Paul and Mayweather went one-on-one in an exhibition boxing match. The bout went all eight rounds and no official winner was declared. After the fight, Paul said he wondered if Mayweather was taking it easy on him. Footage later revealed that Paul had asked Mayweather to take it easy.

During an interview with TMZ Sports, Paul guaranteed that he’d finish Mayweather in a rematch.

“Let me ask you what you’d rather see. Jake Paul vs. Floyd or me vs. Floyd again. Because let me tell you something, if I fight Floyd again, I promise, I promise I’ll knock him out. I got him figured out. I got it. End of the 8th round, he’s breathing heavy, I’m coming alive. It’s gonna be a 10-12 round fight, we run it back, and this time I finish him.”

Paul then delivered a rather friendly message to Mayweather.

“Hey, Floyd, thanks for the opportunity. We’d love to run it back sometime if you’re feelin’ up for it, champ!”

Mayweather’s uncle, Jeff, theorized on The Champ and The Chump that his nephew tried to knock Paul out but he simply couldn’t. Jeff said it boiled down to the size of Paul and Mayweather’s age.

Logan’s brother, Jake, has also explored the world of boxing. He’s set to take on former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley on August 29. Just like Logan vs. Mayweather, Jake vs. Woodley is being broadcast live on Showtime PPV.

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