Saturday, October 23, 2021

Logan Paul Inks Deal With UFC’s Parent Company WME

Logan Paul could be getting a little cushier with UFC President Dana White after signing a massive deal.

No, Paul has not signed with the UFC but rather its parent company. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Paul, a YouTube sensation, has signed with WME. Paul had been with WME’s rival, CAA for six years.

Much like his brother, Jake, Logan has transitioned into the world of boxing. He recently had an eight-round exhibition bout with boxing Hall of Fame elect, Floyd Mayweather. Paul survived all eight rounds and no official winner was declared.

While Jake has publicly gone after UFC President Dana White over fighter pay, Logan has gone the opposite direction. He has publicly praised the UFC and Dana White. It all led to a phone call from White and an invitation to attend UFC 264 earlier this month.

During an edition of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Paul admitted he didn’t know what to expect from the call. He was taken by surprise when White offered him luxury seats (h/t The Mirror).

“By default, my relationship with my brother will always take precedence but if I can be cool with someone I will. So he calls me up and says ‘hey man, is this Logan’, and I’m like ‘yeah what’s up Dana’, and he explains that we’ve got two tickets, but he says he has better ones. These seats are in what’s called ‘billionaire’s row’, and he says I’ll have a much better experience, and I’m like flabbergasted and honored. Dana White is accommodating me, this is fantastic, and I’m like ‘sure’, I told him ‘thanks Dana,’ and I hung up and Jake is like ‘that was weird.’”

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