Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Masvidal Names Usman As #1 Dream Fight: “I Need To Get That Back”

As far as Jorge Masvidal is concerned, he and UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman still have unfinished business.

There is only one man to hold two victories over Jorge Masvidal. There is also only one man to hold a clean KO win over Masvidal throughout the Miamian’s entire lifetime of fighting. As it happens, these two individuals are one and the same: “The Nigerian Nightmare” Kamaru Usman.

After Usman defeated Masvidal via unanimous decision at UFC 251 last year, the prevailing narrative wasn’t that Usman was able to cruise to another win with ease against one of the most game opponents in the sport. Rather, it was that Masvidal entered the fight on only six days’ notice. This narrative left an unpleasant taste in Usman’s mouth, so he went out of his way to grant Masvidal a rematch earlier this year at UFC 261.

UFC 261 results: Kamaru Usman knocks out Jorge Masvidal
Image Courtesy of USA TODAY Sports

This time, Usman was able to turn in a much more emphatic victory, knocking out Jorge Masvidal in brutal fashion with what remains a strong top contender for knockout of the year seven months into 2021. And with that, so ended the chapter of Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal within the MMA history books.

Or is it to be continued? Because according to Jorge Masvidal, not only was UFC 261 not necessarily the end of this chapter, but a conclusion more to his liking is #SuperNecessary.

“Usman again,” Masvidal wrote when questioned about his #1 dream fight. When pressed to elaborate on his selection, the proud representative of the 305 gave a frank reply.

“Both but more cause he got me. I need to get that back,” Masvidal responded when asked if it was the belt or the competition that mostly fueled his desire for a trilogy fight.

Kamaru Usman is currently set to face common enemy Colby Covington at UFC 268 this November. Meanwhile, Jorge Masvidal is currently ranked outside the top 5 at #7 and is on a two-fight losing streak to the champion, so he’ll have some work to do to earn another fight against Usman. Perhaps if he begins voicing to the world that he only had six weeks’ notice to prepare for the rematch, this will provoke Usman into doubling back for a trilogy to try to silence the smooth-talker once again.

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