Nate Diaz Challenges Dustin Poirier To A MW Fight, Poirier Responds

Nate Diaz has just laid down a challenge for Dustin Poirier to “pull up” and meet him in the middleweight division.

As Dustin Poirier is spending some valuable family time after completing another grueling training camp that culminated in “The Diamond” getting his hand raised in his trilogy bout against Conor McGregor, a Stockton gangster just came knocking at his door, and he is looking to cause some trouble.

In what would fit well with one of the “Absolutely Nobody:” memes that are still circulating centuries after they first began, nobody, including Dustin Poirier, said a word, yet Nate Diaz decided to throw out a pitch from way back in left field.

“185lbs. Pull-up,” the tweet reads with a picture of Poirier and Diaz facing off.

As the above face-off documents, Poirier and Diaz were originally supposed to fight at UFC 230, but the fight was later canceled, with both fighters pointing the finger at one another as the reason.

Since the cancellation, Poirier has continued to build his name to new heights after picking up not one but two wins over Conor McGregor and also solidifying himself as the #1 contender in the lightweight division. Meanwhile, Nate Diaz has now lost two of his last three fights, including falling to Leon Edwards at UFC 263 last month.

Given the difference in their career trajectories, many fans may shrug off the chances of this fight happening, especially with Poirier being next in line for a title shot.However, Dustin Poirier has made it clear that as much as he dreams of becoming UFC champion, he is a provider first and foremost, which was a major reason behind Poirier opting to fight McGregor in a trilogy instead of competing against Charles Oliveira for the then-vacant lightweight title.

Furthermore, when Poirier and Diaz were originally booked to fight in 2018, the Louisianian was deep in the lightweight title picture back then as well but chose to pursue the money fight with Diaz instead of pursuing a title shot or title-eliminator bout.

All things considered, this proposal from Nate Diaz may not be as random and far-fetched as it originally seems. After the original fight with Diaz collapsed, Poirier would go on to win the interim lightweight title in his next fight against Max Holloway at UFC 236. In theory, Poirier could again take another money fight and still be the division’s #1 contender after he’s finished handling this unfinished business.

UPDATE: Dustin Poirier has indeed responded, and the possibility of the fight happening is already beginning to look less far-fetched. Check out “The Diamond’s” response below.

Would you be interested in seeing a fight between Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz?

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