Friday, December 2, 2022

Paige VanZant Releases First Statement After BKFC 19 Loss To Ostovich

Paige VanZant has released a statement after losing to Rachael Ostovich at BKFC 19 last night.

In what made for her second consecutive loss in the BKFC, resulting in an 0-2 promotional record and her third straight loss in combat sports, VanZant has taken the time to address her many fans with a brief inspirational message.

“I will rise. I will always rise. Don’t you doubt that even for a second.”

After the official scorecard was read, a frustrated Paige VanZant could be seen immediately storming out of the ring and making a beeline towards the back. Evidently, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was later able to recompose herself and look ahead to the future.

Less than 24 hours after BKFC 19, it is unclear what exactly that future holds for VanZant or if she will continue on with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. After losing in her debut fight to Britain Hart at BKFC 16 in February, company president David Feldman gave VanZant his full support and remained enthusiastic about her career in BKFC. It remains to be seen if that will remain the case after now falling to 0-2.

Rachael Ostovich and other fighters on the BKFC 19 card also addressed the public last night in the post-fight press conference, which you can find below.

What do you think the future holds for Paige VanZant?