Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sean O’Malley Says Visions Of Superstardom Are Going As Planned

Sean O’Malley knew from day one that he was going to become a star, and it’s all going to plan.

After bursting onto the UFC scene through Dana White‘s Contender Series, O’Malley has caught the attention of the world with his flamboyant style inside and outside the Octagon. His exciting style of spinning kicks, punching power, and highlight-reel knockouts has made him a must-watch for fans of the sport.

In a recent interview with the UFC, the 26-year-old envisioned his rise to superstardom happening even before he was fighting in the UFC and credits it to his dedication to his craft.

“None of this was guaranteed,” O’Malley said. “In my head, it was going to happen. I did see all this happening. I did see me getting into the UFC. I did see me becoming a star, and it’s all happening right now. Recently, I’ve been looking back because it’s been 10 years since I started training, and it is crazy to see how all this has happened. I kinda manifested it in a way, but it comes down to the hard work…It was a grind.”

O’Malley competes this weekend on possibly the biggest card he will fight on with Conor McGregor headlining the event at UFC 264. Originally set to face Louis Smolka, “Suga” now faces a late replacement fighter in Kris Moutinho, and you best believe O’Malley will be fishing for the knockout finish as soon as the bell rings. It isn’t the most high-profile name that the bantamweight fighter would have hoped for, but it’s another opportunity for O’Malley to add to his already impressive highlight-reel knockouts.

Despite all the fame and success that has come upon the 26-year old, it seems that O’Malley still has so much to show in his career. Many people forget that he is still unranked in the bantamweight division and has not yet faced the best of the best. The sky is the limit for O’Malley, and it will be interesting to see what he will go on to accomplish in the sport of MMA when it’s all said and done.

Many in the MMA community believe O’Malley is the next big thing and could reach the popularity height of perhaps Conor McGregor. No one has been able to reach that level of fame, but if anyone has a good chance, it might just be O’Malley. “The Suga Show” will be in full effect this weekend and its spectators suspect for many more years to come.

Do you think Sean O’Malley will be the “next big thing” in the UFC?

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