Monday, November 28, 2022

Stephen A. Smith Takes McGregor To Task For “Tasteless, Classless Behavior”

Stephen A. Smith has taken Conor McGregor to task for his post-fight behavior at UFC 264.

Last week, Stephen A. Smith and Conor McGregor met in person for the first time in what was a playful, light-hearted exchange with Smith tapping out to McGregor in the fashion department, at least on this particular night. Smith would later conduct a widely viewed interview with McGregor that was acclaimed in many circles. All in all, it was a pleasant initial meeting between McGregor and Smith prior to the big event.

The warm cordiality shared between the two did not prevent Smith from blasting McGregor for his behavior after losing to Dustin Poirier in the UFC 264 main event, where McGregor once again dragged Poirier’s wife into his line of fire, even call her a “hoe.”

“Now I cover the world of basketball, football, and things of that nature, and the reality is this: If this was any of those guys, we’d be all over them for the kind of language that he used, the way that he talked about that man, Dustin Poirier’s family and what have you,” Smith said on ESPN immediately following the pay-per-view. “There is absolutely, positively no excuse for Conor McGregor to engage in that kind of tasteless, classless behavior.

Conor McGregor
(via John Locher/AP)

“I understand this is the fight game and we see a lot of stuff going on from time to time. But to be on your backside with a broken leg and to go at Dustin Poirier that way where you are attacking and insulting the man’s wife, that’s why Dustin Poirier had to be restrained from going after Conor after he had spoken to Joe Rogan and he was about to walk out of the ring! Because you’re talking about the man’s wife! It’s really uncalled for. It really is.”

Smith’s remarks were co-signed by UFC legend Michael Bisping, who was also at the desk on post-fight duties. There are other legends who do not agree with Smith, however.

Ronda Rousey went as far as to say that the UFC and the media are lucky to have a promotional mastermind like McGregor, who she believes demonstrated his ability to improvise and think on his feet with his post-fight antics. UFC original Ken Shamrock also came to McGregor’s defense amidst the heavy backlash the Irishman has endured for his post-fight behavior.

Do you agree with Stephen A. Smith’s take on Conor McGregor’s post-fight behavior at UFC 264?