Tuesday, October 4, 2022

‘Korean Zombie’ Has A Message For His Haters

Even fan-favorite Chan Sung Jung, better known as “The Korean Zombie,” has to deal with haters sometimes.

“The Korean Zombie” is a type of fighter that many fans love to watch and support because of his exciting, aggressive style that brings fireworks every time he enters the cage. It would seem that Jung has little or no haters at all, but even the Korean has to brush his shoulder of hate and negativity sometimes.

On his YouTube channel, Jung explained how no matter how hard he fights, win or lose, haters will always be present.

“I just don’t understand,” he said. “I realized no matter how hard I fight, there will always be people that continue to hate. It doesn’t matter what I do. Win or lose, there are always going to be haters. I’m no longer going to work hard for them since they’ll never change their opinions about me, but instead, I’m going to continue working hard for the people who actually support me.”

Jung last competed against Dan Ige last month, where he impressively cruised to a unanimous-decision win. It was a bit of a tame fight compared to what “The Korean Zombie” usually brings to the table; however, fans praised his mature performance in securing the win. The victory for Zombie was crucial after coming off a crushing loss to Brian Ortega in October of last year, as Jung proved that he is still in title contention in the 145-pound featherweight division.

Zombie lamented that he’d wish fans would be supportive of not just the winner but the fighter that did not get his hand raised.

“It really doesn’t matter who’s fighting who, everyone loves a winner,” Jung said. “And if there is a winner, that must mean that there is someone who lost as well. I am amazed by everyone in the UFC, but not everyone might see it the way that I do. Yes, winning is a big deal, but it would mean a lot if you could support the fighters who did not get a chance to win.”

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