Monday, January 24, 2022

UFC Bantamweight Rob Font Cleared By USADA After False Positive

Rob Font will avoid a sanction from USADA due to a false positive.

Font was last seen in action back in May. He defeated Cody Garbrandt in what many consider to be his best performance to date. Font earned a unanimous decision victory over “No Love,” boosting him to the number three spot on the official UFC bantamweight rankings.

Recently, Font had quite a scare from USADA. He and his team were taken by surprise when a test result came back positive. This was quite puzzling to Tyson Chartier, Font’s manager and head coach, as he documented everything Font ingested leading up to the fight.

Traces of 4-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid, a meclofenoxate metabolite, were detected in Font’s system, causing the positive test result. Chartier sent a document to USADA listing all the products Font ingested. It was discovered that chlorpensin, which is not prohibited and is a cosmetic preservative, can metabolize into 4-Chlorophenoxyacetic.

Following the discovery, USADA has decided against handing down a sanction to Font. Here is what was said in a letter sent to the UFC bantamweight.

“Based on the foregoing (evidence), USADA is satisfied that product(s) you were using (prior to your sample collection) which contained chlorphensin as an ingredient was the cause of your positive test. Therefore, because USADA has concluded that your positive test was caused by a non-prohibited substance, the matter will be closed out as no violation.”

Chartier issued a statement on his Instagram account.

“First off, to avoid any confusion we will start off with this. Rob has NEVER taken any prohibited substances and USADA has already cleared him of any wrongdoing (see the following letter). The Nevada State Athletic Commission is still finalizing their investigation and we are confident that will be completed very soon.

“Team Font understands that there is a good chance the details of this case could potentially be kept as a private matter (as stated, Rob has already been cleared by USADA). However, Team Font has decided that transparency is the best course of action here and feels it is important that everyone knows exactly what is happening.

“We hope our story can be used as a case study moving forward to ensure that new protocols are properly vetted before being implemented by WADA.”

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