Tuesday, October 19, 2021

UFC’s Priscila Cachoeira Receives Restraining Order From Ex-Girlfriend

Priscila Cachoeira has received a restraining order from her ex-girlfriend.

Cachoeira, a five-fight UFC veteran, is being accused of abusing Marcelle Nunes for years. On July 7, Nunes pressed charges against Cachoeira. Nunes alleges that back in February, Priscila Cachoeira attacked her and left her with a hand injury that required two surgeries.

Cachoeira issued a statement to MMAFighting.com through her management team, denying the accusations.

“I’ve never committed any physical assault against Marcelle. She would lose control many times during an argument and wanted to hit me, but I just defended myself.”

A police report, obtained by MMAFighting, reveals that Cachoeira is being accused of throwing Nunes to the ground and kicking her in mid-2019. Nunes claims Cachoeira’s attacks stopped when there was blood on her head.

Nunes also accuses Cachoeira of knocking her unconscious with a punch to the mouth back in September 2019. Nunes claims she required medical assistance to save a tooth.

Nunes claims the final staw was back in February. She alleges that Cachoeira was likely intoxicated and on drugs during an argument. Nunes claims Cachoeira delivered a kick to her body. She then alleges that her hand was badly cut on a glass shelf, which caused torn ligaments.

Nunes said the following to MMAFighting.

“I slept in fear. Days before I came [to Bage] I told her, ‘Priscila, please, I’m going away, please forget I exist. I’m afraid of you going there and doing something to me. … My family and friends urged me to press charges and ask for a restraining order. My parents don’t like when I leave the house for any reason. Even though I’m home, I have no peace or security because I don’t know if something will happen to me.”

Nunes also provided an image of her hand post-surgeries.

Cachoeira last competed back in May. She defeated Gina Mazany via second-round TKO on the UFC 262 card.

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