Monday, May 23, 2022

Aleksandar Rakic Grows Frustrated With Jiří Procházka & The UFC

Aleksander Rakic is tired of looking in from the outside, and he is letting the UFC know it.

It has been five months since Aleksander Rakic stepped foot in the Octagon, and he is ready to make that walk again. The only problem is, he is having a hard time finding an opponent. Rakic has won his last two fights and is currently sitting in the #3 spot in the official rankings. He is surely right up there with the division’s top contenders, but without a fight on deck, he could have a hard time moving into a title fight.

As it happens, Rakic has a solution for his problem and has taken it to Twitter to try and rectify it.

“My last fight was in March and here I am still waiting for a fight,” Rakic wrote. “We all know the fight to make. You call yourself Samurai but you want the UFC fans to wait until 2022? I’m free and ready anytime the rest of the year!”

The mention of “Samurai” is in reference to Jiří Procházka. Rakic is looking for Procházka to step up and into a possible title contention fight. With Procházka in the #2 spot with his win over Dominick Reyes, the matchup makes a lot of sense. Procházka last fought in May, so he has had a fair amount of time off. However, according to Rakic’s post, Procházka may want to sit out for the rest of the year.

Champion Jan Blachowicz is already slated to make his next title defense against Glover Teixeira in September. There is a chance that either Rakic or Procházka could get the next shot at Blachowicz without fighting again this year, but odds for either man getting the shot would be better with another dominant win soon after UFC 266. Rakic knows this and is understandably looking to make the UFC’s decision a no-brainer with a win over the only other possible challenger.

Do you think either Rakic or Procházka need one more win, possibly over each other, to gain the next title shot?

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