Monday, May 23, 2022

Cat Zingano Filing Lawsuit Against Halle Berry Over Movie Role

Former UFC title challenger Cat Zingano is going to court with Halle Berry after claiming she was offered a movie role but ended up getting passed over.

The lawsuit obtained by TMZ alleges that Zingano and Berry met in July of 2019 to discuss a movie Berry was directing called “Bruised”. According to the Bellator athlete, Zingano claimed that Berry mentioned that she would be a perfect fit for the movie role.

Within the document, details emerged that Halle Berry told Cat Zingano to keep a clear schedule as she was adamant that film production was on the horizon. However, it gets messy because during that time Zingano claims that her former employer, the UFC, made her a sizeable offer. In the release, Zingano mentions that she brought the fight offer to Halle Berry’s desk and that the Hollywood starlet told her to pass on the fight offer.

Agonizing over the decision, Cat Zingano was unsure which venture would produce more financially, and ultimately “Alpha” decided to stick with the movie role. Following the choice not to fight alongside the council from Berry, Zingano alleges that the UFC released her from the organization shortly after.

According to the lawsuit, Zingano claims Berry told her not to take the fight, and then after the UFC released her, she was turned down by Berry for her potential role in “Bruised”. Overwhelmed with shock and dismay, Cat Zingano explained that after being disqualified for the acting role, Berry asserted that the movie would only work with fighters who are contracted with the UFC.

With a pending lawsuit in motion, Cat Zingano stated that she has cut off all contact with Halle Berry. As of this writing, there has been no official statement released by Halle Berry or her representatives. However, MMA News will keep you on the pulse should any new details come to light.

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