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Chael Sonnen Calls McGregor A “Snitch” For Comments About Cormier

Chael Sonnen has labelled Conor McGregor a “snitch” for his recents comments accusing Daniel Cormier of being drunk on the job. 

McGregor and Cormier have been locked in a war of words in recent weeks. It all started when Cormier labelled McGregor’s behaviour following his loss to Dustin Poirer as a “cry for help.” The Irishman hit back by calling the former champ-champ and UFC commentator a “fat drunk f**k” in a since deleted tweet.

Cormier responded by advising McGregor not to worry about him, but instead, “worry about the dudes that keep beating your ass every time you go into the octagon.” This prompted a flurry of tweets from “The Notorious” in which he claimed “DC” should have been sacked for apparently turning up drunk to a press conference before UFC 264.

McGregor Cormier
Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier back when their relationship was far more cordial, appearing together at a UFC 178 media event in 2014

Chael Sonnen Weighs In On The McGregor-Cormier Beef

Now, Chael Sonnen has given his two cents on the bitter dispute. In a recent video on his Youtube channel, “The American Gangster” took exception to McGregor’s accusation that Cormier was drunk while at work, calling the Irishman out for being a tattle-tale, and, a hypocrite.

“From the standpoint of Mr. Entertainer, he’s now a snitch,” said Sonnen (h/t ThirstyForNews). “Daniel did not show up to anything drunk, guys. Do not mistake that [but] let’s say he did. Conor said he did. Conor’s now a snitch. He rattled on him. You tattled on one of the boys? Did he do anything wrong? Was he obnoxious? Was he unruly? No. Okay well how did you know? ‘I just know. I could smell it.’ Then you are a snitch. Why did you tattle on him? Particularly from the guy who’s in the business of selling alcohol and shows up at press conferences with a whisky right on the desk.”

Former middleweight champ Michael Bisping has also come out in support for his fellow UFC commentator. “The Count” recently advised McGregor to be “careful who you’re picking fights with,” warning that “DC is going to f*****g pull you limb from limb” were the duo to meet.

What do you think? Is Chael Sonnen on the money by calling Conor McGregor a snitch?

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