Conor McGregor & Michael Bisping Engage In Afterhours War Of Words

Conor McGregor has transitioned from one feud with a retired fighter to another, as he is now exchanging hostilities with Michael Bisping after recently butting heads with Daniel Cormier.

In fact, it is McGregor’s conflict with Cormier that gained the attention of Bisping in the first place, with the Englishman sending a warning to McGregor about what would happen if the verbal jabs between him and Cormier turned physical.

Bisping did not mince words in stating that Cormier would tear McGregor limb from limb should the two ever get in a fight. McGregor would immediately fire back, calling Bisping a “nobody” and criticizing him for accepting a fight against Kelvin Gastelum shortly after losing to Georges St-Pierre only three weeks prior at UFC 217.

Late Monday evening, a fan voiced his support for “The Count,” and little did Mr. “Mikeopath” know that he would be setting off a showdown between two of the most recognized trash talkers in mixed martial arts history.

“It’s ok mate. That seems to be the general consensus these days. Don’t know what’s getting deleted quicker. His tweets or his legacy,” Bisping responded to his supporter’s “Fuck Conor McGregor” sentiment.

Conor McGregor would then respond within the hour. Each of his tweets in the following exchange have since been deleted.

“The only legacy I give a fuck about is the Legacy 5000 my mother flies around on,” McGregor replied with an image of Bisping appearing to board an aircraft.

“Money doesn’t make you a man little guy. Besides, even if you stood on your wallet I’d still be a bigger man than you,” Bisping countered.

“Oh you a big man are ya bro ahahah a real man wouldn’t sprint from his hometown after they come knocking on his mother’s door bro. Don’t forget that one big man in the U.S. Crunch time and you dipped,” McGregor replied.

“I’m not your bro,” Bisping responded simply along with a warm smiley face.

“Knock knock, who’s there. Not mike anyway he’s just done the back wall hahahahah,” McGregor said, literally celebrating having what he deemed to be the last laugh.

Neither Bisping nor McGregor are known to let an adversary have the last word, so this could only be the opening battle, with the above exchange perhaps serving as merely a feeling-out process for a drawn-out war.

If there are as many exchanges from this freshly brewed feud as we project there could be, we’ll bring you every verbal jab, hook, and punchline right here on, so be sure to keep it locked right here for any further updates!

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