Sunday, May 22, 2022

Dada 5000 Reflects On ‘Dying Twice’ Against Kimbo Slice

Dada 5000 has taken the time to recall nearly dying twice following his bout with Kimbo Slice.

Back in 2016, Dada 5000 and Slice settled a grudge under the Bellator banner. The fight was largely viewed as being lackluster at best. Slice initially won the fight via third-round TKO but the bout result was changed to a No Contest when Slice tested positive for nandrolone.

Dada 5000 fought for his life after the fight. Not only did he suffer from kidney failure but he also had two heart attacks. He appeared on SiriusXM and looked back on the scary situation (h/t Middle Easy).

“This was the biggest fight of my career. It’s amazing for people to think that I didn’t show up, this stuff goes deeper down the rabbit hole than one can imagine. That’s why I want everybody to watch, you know what I’m saying? I died twice in that ring.”

Slice ended up suffering a heart attack himself months after the fight, but he wasn’t able to survive.

Dada 5000 expressed gratitude after being able to survive his severe health battles.

“I’m just happy to be back to have a second chance.”

He hasn’t competed since the fight against Slice. He has however started his own bare-knuckle promotion. The first BYB Extreme Fighting Series event took place back in April 2019.

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