Saturday, November 27, 2021

Dana White Praying Belfort Knocks Out ‘Crackhead’ Oscar De La Hoya

There is no love lost between UFC President Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya.

De La Hoya is set to make his return to the boxing ring. He will go one-on-one with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort on Sept. 11. The pro boxing match will be held inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Triller will promote the bout.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, White said he’s hoping that Belfort scores a brutal knockout victory (via The Mac Life).

“I’m praying Vitor knocks this crackhead out — and viciously, viciously knocks him out.”

White and De La Hoya have publicly blasted one another in the media. The UFC boss blasted the “Golden Boy” during a 2018 appearance on UFC Unfiltered for booking Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell 3 (h/t MMANYTT).

“Listen, I love Chuck Liddell and I don’t ever want to badmouth Chuck Liddell. People do think I’m badmouthing Chuck Liddell , but the reality is, first of all, lets says this first, I heard last week that the cokehead, ‘Oscar Del La Weirdo’ is talking s***, that I don’t have any place to tell guys when to retire. First of all, it’s called friendship you f***ing cokehead. I’ve been friends with Chuck Liddell for 20 years and the reality is that Chuck Liddell retired when he should’ve retired, eight or nine years ago whenever it was.

Chuck Liddell
Image Credit: MMAJunkie

“Chuck Liddell is 50-years-old and has no business fighting anymore and that fact that the State of California even let that fight happen is disgusting, it’s disgusting. Chuck Liddell is a huge superstar and has a great legacy in this sport. So of course, as friend, anyone that claims to be a friend of Chuck Liddell and was anywhere near this fight is full of s***. They aren’t a friend of Chuck Liddell. To let him go in and fight this fight. It’s terrible.”

De La Hoya fired back at White in a statement (via MMAFighting).

“Dana is so small and threatened by our success with [streaming service DAZN] and now in MMA that he is bringing up news from a decade ago to try to stay relevant. Boxing has entirely rejected him. And MMA fighters are now realizing they don’t have to risk their lives just so he can get rich. Golden Boy and I are moving forward and are bigger than ever. Dana should shut the f*ck up and try to figure out how to save his own company.”

What do you make of this latest exchange between Dana White and Oscar de la Hoya?

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