Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dana White Reveals The Top-10 MW He Has Offered To Luke Rockhold

Dana White is taking action to give Luke Rockhold what he wants.

Since announcing his return, Luke Rockhold has struggled to find an opponent who he has deemed to be “exciting,” and his frustration has grown to the point where he has even expressed that if the UFC does not give him a worthwhile matchup, they should release him from his contract.

With the new rankings out today (Aug. 3) and Sean Strickland now ranked within the top 10 at #8, perhaps this will be suitable to meet Rockhold’s demands. Because according to Aaron Bronsteter of TSN Sports, this is the name the UFC has thrown out to the former middleweight champion.

Sean Strickland has proven to be very exciting throughout his UFC run and has yet to lose at middleweight in his career. Currently riding a five-fight winning streak, Strickland is every bit as competitive an option as he is “exciting,” so it would seem fair to expect Rockhold to accept this offer unless he has a specific other name in mind.

One name that’s been floated around by Rockhold and the gentleman in question is none other than Kevin Holland. But with Holland currently booked already and only ranked at #14, conventional wisdom would hold that Rockhold would opt to face Strickland instead when he returns from his two-year layoff.

Rockhold must be wary if he chooses to go this route, though, because Strickland has voiced his desire to kill an opponent in the Octagon one day, and with Rockhold having established a reputation of being among the more “chinny” members of the UFC roster, the part-time model will have to decide if that’s a chance he’s willing to take.

Would you be interested in seeing a fight between Luke Rockhold & Sean Strickland?

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