Sunday, October 2, 2022

Dustin Poirier Gives Early Prediction For UFC 268’s Gaethje vs. Chandler

Dustin Poirier is sitting on the outside of UFC 268 and has given his pick.

Dustin Poirier is in an interesting position. Because of his latest win over Conor McGregor at UFC 264 he can sit back and wait for the title shot. He has put in the hard work throughout his career and is now reaping the benefits. One plus of having fought such a hard career is he has great insight into what a fighter must do to win a fight. Poirier is taking his skills and insight and taking a look at the lightweight match-up between Justin Gaethje and Michael Chandler at UFC 268.

Speaking on his gym’s podcast, Poirier has made his choice of who he thinks will come out victorious on Nov. 6.

“I kind of favor Gaethje in that matchup,” Poirier said on American Top Team’s “Punchin’ In” podcast (via “Chandler is going to have trouble getting him down, holding him down and to avoid those big shots.”

Although Poirier has never faced Chandler in the cage, he has had the pleasure of stepping in against Gaethje. Poirier walked out with the win and some injuries as well.

“Gaethje probably, he partially tore my quad,” Poirier explained that Gaethje was the hardest leg kicker he’s ever faced. “In the fight, him not caring about position and throwing kicks as hard as he can just to land them, not worrying about repercussions – no setups.”

If Poirier is victorious in his eventual bout against champion Charles Oliveira, he could see himself defending his new title against one of these two men. Holding a win over Gaethje already should fair in Poirier’s favor, but just because he is picking him to win doesn’t mean that is the matchup he prefers. However, in true Poirier fashion, he will continue to face the best that the UFC has to offer and probably without complaint.

Do you agree with Dustin Poirier that Justin Gaethje may get the best of Michael Chandler on November 6?

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