Saturday, November 27, 2021

Gilbert Burns Tries Yet Another Tactic To Get Nate Diaz To Fight Him

Gilbert Burns is not giving up on his pursuit of facing Stockton’s own Nate Diaz inside the Octagon.

Gilbert has tried yet another approach at drawing Nate Diaz into a fight agreement.  He started off with what may have been the use of reverse psychology, stating that Diaz did not deserve to fight him. He would then offer a feisty callout of Diaz after Burns defeated Stephen Thompson at UFC 264 last month. After Gilbert got burned by Diaz’s response to this callout, “Durinho” then went into scathing attack mode, calling Diaz a “bitch-ass fake gangster.”

Shortly after taking the hostile name-calling approach, Burns would then have an apparent change of heart about Diaz and perhaps attempted to secure Diaz’s fight interest through flattery instead, with the Brazilian calling Diaz ‘freakin’ funny.’

With still no dice, Burns has now decided to up the creativity in his approach by going deep into Diaz’s past to point out a contradiction in a Diaz social media post from earlier this year that scoffed at UFC fighters for getting finished “all the time.” This is how Burns responded to that January tweet:

The tweet from Burns includes a video of Diaz’s lone TKO loss in the UFC that was not a doctor’s stoppage, which came at the hands of Josh Thomson in 2013, along with the caption, “Yeah right?”

After interpretable uses of reverse psychology, feisty callouts, insults, and flattery each yielded no results, Burns would move on to perhaps his last resort: the tried-and-true dare tactic.

“You claim you are gangsta, you claim you are untouchable, fight me @NateDiaz209….I dare you.”

What do you think? Will Gilbert Burns finally lure Nate Diaz into accepting a fight against him with this latest tactic?

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