Sunday, October 2, 2022

GSP: UFC Did Not Want Special Drug Testing For Johny Hendricks Fight

Georges St-Pierre claims that the UFC prevented Johny Hendricks from taking a drug test outside of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

St-Pierre called for enhanced drug testing measures in the UFC long before USADA entered the fold. He strongly pushed for it ahead of his UFC 167 welterweight title fight against Hendricks back in 2013. UFC President Dana White made it clear that the talk of drug testing made St-Pierre and Hendricks look “stupid.”

During an interview with MMAJunkie, St-Pierre claimed the UFC told Hendricks not to undergo special drug testing due to potentially starting a trend (h/t Sportskeeda).

“I was telling Johny Hendricks that ‘Okay, let’s make drug testing for that fight’ and he agreed in the beginning but the after, he said no…He didn’t want to do it and I’ve learned also that UFC tell him to not do it because they didn’t want to start a trend that people start doing it [drug testing]. I know there’s a lot of good fighters that are honest, that don’t cheat and it would have made a lot of guys that are honest, who think their opponent might be cheating, to do the same trend. They didn’t want that to start so they told Johny Hendricks to not do it.”

St-Pierre recently revealed that one of the main reasons he never fought Anderson Silva in their prime was due to the UFC not having strong drug testing measures. Today, all UFC athletes are tested both in-competition and out-of-competition by USADA.

What do you make of GSP’s claim about the UFC not wanting special drug testing for the Johny Hendricks bout?

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