Monday, October 18, 2021

Investigative Reporter Julianna Peña Interrogates Amanda Nunes

With her UFC 265 bout against Amanda Nunes recently canceled, Julianna Peña has put her spare time to use by dabbling in the world of investigative reporting.

Like any good investigative reporter, Peña decided to go straight to the source for the inside scoop on a big story. In this case, “The Venezuelan Vixen” wanted to know what were the details behind Amanda Nunes’s whereabouts.

To get these answers, Peña crashed the UFC 265 pre-fight press conference that she would have been a part of had things gone according to plan. The agenda? Prying answers from UFC President Dana White about her would-be opponent, Amanda Nunes.

Peña asked about where Nunes was, to which White reminded her about Nunes testing positive for COVID-19. Peña then mentioned the fact that Nunes recently tested negative and then pushed to find out when the fight would be rescheduled.

White reassured her that she would get her fight, but that was the extent of the information he could provide at the time. You can view the exchange below (h/t MMA Fighting).

Word got back to the Lioness about Peña’s hunt for answers, so the champ-champ took to Twitter to address the rogue reporter.

“Hey @VenezuelanVixen Did you ask about me? I’m here in sunny south Florida. I’m just as excited to see you too. Hopefully soon. Btw. You looked great tonight.”

Peña would then immediately pounce on this opportunity to press Nunes for answers to some follow-up questions now that she had managed to gain the Brazilian’s attention.

“Yes I did ask about you. When? When’s going to be good for you? I heard from a teammate you’ve hardly been training for this fight even when you’ve been healthy. Did you know you were going to do this all along?”

As of yet, Nunes has yet to reply to this line of questioning. If she does, a member of our own team of reporters will bring you the scoop right here on!

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