Friday, October 7, 2022

Jake Paul Flying In Tattoo Artist To Immediately Collect On Woodley Bet

Jake Paul insists that a tattoo artist will be in attendance for his fight with Tyron Woodley to instantly take advantage of the bet the two competitors placed.

After knocking out Ben Askren in the first round [video], Jake Paul set his sights on Tyron Woodley, the former UFC welterweight champion and a man that is widely considered to be the most difficult test “The Problem Child” has faced inside the boxing ring.

Despite Woodley debuting in the sport of boxing, many believe his power, explosiveness, and big-fight experience will be enough to see him overcome the challenge Jake Paul provides.

Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley, Image Credit: MMA Fighting

Acknowledging the threat Woodley poses, Jake Paul told MMAFighting that he knows he must be at the top of his game to overcome the seasoned MMA veteran.

“I know that [he’s my toughest opponent],” Paul said. “That’s why Aug. 29, I have to be super, super sharp. People forget that boxing is the first form of martial arts. When the bell rings in MMA, it’s two guys standing on their feet. It’s a skill that Tyron’s been practicing way longer than I have.”

However, despite the praise, Jake seems confident in his own ability to punish Woodley and come away victorious.

“However, I believe in my ability, I believe in my skill and just my natural talents. You’re either born with speed and knockout power or you’re not. I just so happen to have that. That’s why I know no matter what happens, no matter how good Tyron is on Aug. 29, I’m going to still go in there and get the ‘W.’ He is serious and we’ve taken him more serious than any opponent thus far.” Explained Paul.

Jake Paul
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

Although he has a dangerous task ahead of him, the fight is not the only thing Jake Paul is serious about. The internet sensation also wants to make good on his bet with Woodley by flying in a tattoo artist who will be ready and waiting for the conclusion of the bout.

“I have a tattoo artist coming to the fight,” Paul revealed. “When he loses, I’m sending her right into his locker room to get the tattoo going cause I want no excuses out of him. He’s a man. He shook on it in front of the world. He has to live up to it.”

Do you think the loser between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will carry out the proposal of the bet?

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