Thursday, December 2, 2021

Jake Paul Predicts He’ll Inevitably KO Dana White In Las Vegas

Jake Paul predicts that the grand finale of his feud with Dana White will be the YouTuber knocking the UFC boss unconscious.

It is no secret that UFC President Dana White and Jake Paul have no love lost for one another. In summary, White has deemed Paul to be a “clown” whom he refuses to affiliate with. He also believes Paul’s run as a trending sports figure will be short-lived and that everyone is already beginning to tire of him.

As for Paul, he believes White needs to start paying his fighters more. Furthermore, he thinks that White’s comments regarding his “short shelf life” as a trending figure are ironic considering how often White speaks about him.

Such comments from these two men have persisted for months now, but at some point, this feud will end. This conclusion will not be anticlimatic if Paul’s prediction comes to pass, and it will not involve White paying his fighters more or the two adversaries hugging it out. No, it will all culminate in Paul knocking out the 52-year-old White inside a random establishment in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I think it ends with me running into him in a club in Vegas and knocking him the fuck out,” Paul predicted matter-of-factly in a Wednesday media scrum.

Despite this bold vision, Paul claims to understand why White has responded to him the way that he has. The YouTube sensation even paid a backhanded compliment to the man he envisions knocking unconscious someday.

“He’s trying to discredit what I’m doing,” Paul said. “One moment he loves Tyron Woodley and he’s a five-time UFC champ, and Dana White’s saying he’s the greatest welterweight ever. And then, boom, 12 months later, he sucks, Jake Paul’s fighting him, blah, blah, blah. So he’s just trying to discredit anything that I do, which, of course. That’s what I would do if I was in his position. He’s a smart guy.”

Would you pay to see footage of Jake Paul knocking out Dana White in a random Las Vegas nightclub?

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