Sunday, October 2, 2022

Jake Paul Says He Was A Bully Growing Up: I Wasn’t Proud of Who I Was

YouTube sensation and boxer Jake Paul has opened up about being a bully growing up.

Paul has become a popular figure among kids and teenagers. Knowing his demographic, Paul felt it was important to help with an anti-bullying campaign. He has founded the Boxing Bullies charity in an effort to stomp out bullying.

Paul recently revealed that he was actually a bully to mask his own insecurities (h/t

“Growing up, I was a bully. I was insulting people. I was name-calling, demeaning them, and it was because I was insecure and I wasn’t proud of who I was. I thought it was funny. I thought it was funny to make fun of other people.

“Then I realized, as I got older, that that’s not cool. The words you say to other people can have an everlasting effect on them. Because, when I started to get famous, chase my dreams, and put videos out there online, I was getting so much hate for it. The words affected me.”

Jake Paul went on to say that childhood bullying can leave a lasting effect well into adulthood.

“I was like, ‘Man, I can’t believe I used to target people and name-call other people,’ because I’m sure that’s affected them now for the rest of their lives.”

Paul is currently 3-0 as a pro boxer. He’s set to meet former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley on Aug. 29. The bout will take place inside the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio. It’ll air live on Showtime PPV.

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