Thursday, December 2, 2021

Jake Paul Sends A Message To McGregor After Questionable Tweet

Conor McGregor may or may not have finally acknowledged Jake Paul last night, and Paul was more than prepared to respond.

Last night, Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley in an eight-round boxing attraction that captured the attention of the entire combat sports world. It was no doubt an A-list sporting event that had the world watching, and one of the viewers is widely believed to have been the top draw in MMA himself, Conor McGregor.

Jake Paul has been challenging, trolling, and provoking Conor McGregor for several months now. The man even went so far as to create a custom-made “Sleepy McGregor” chain that he allegedly spent $100,000 on before eventually gifting it to Dustin Poirier. Poirier was in attendance for the Paul/Woodley fight to take in all the action, and his rival, Conor McGregor, may have been watching as well.

During the Paul/Woodley event, McGregor sent out the following tweet:

“Salivating,” the tweet reads.

MMA Twitter and many media members leaped at the interpretation that McGregor was referencing his appetite to get in the ring with Jake Paul, with the Irishman seemingly deeming the YouTuber to be easy pickings. However, McGregor’s follow-up tweet either debunked that interpretation or had some fun with it. Because apparently, McGregor was merely “salivating” at his incoming entrée.

Nonetheless, a media member attending the post-fight press conference could not let this opportunity slip without presenting Paul with their interpretation of McGregor’s tweet, to which Paul addressed McGregor in a much more direct manner (h/t

“The guy needs to get off of his little vodka, or whatever the f*** his brand is, and sober up and start to get back in the gym and then we can f***ing fight,” Paul said. “But to be honest, no way he hits harder than Woodley. He doesn’t weigh as much as Woodley, he’s shorter than Woodley. I said it before the fight, I think Woodley’s a harder fight than him. Especially the way that he’s going.

“Conor’s going down. I’m going up. Woodley came in game. We’ll see.”

Paul also offered a response to Nate Diaz, who flat out said both Paul and Woodley “suck” as boxers. Paul remains intrigued by the possibility of fighting both McGregor and Diaz. However, even if they were interested, both men are still under contract with the UFC and White has continued to shun Jake Paul and everything that he stands for. Therefore, it’s quite the long shot that we’ll see a Paul vs. McGregor or Paul vs. Diaz bout any time soon, if ever.

Do you think Conor McGregor’s tweet was aimed at Jake Paul?

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