Sunday, December 5, 2021

Paul Puts White On Blast For Betting Millions While Fighters Struggle

Jake Paul has taken another jab at Dana White, accusing the UFC president of not financially compensating his fighters properly.

It seems to be a running theme of Paul to be continuously campaigning for UFC fighters to be paid better, which has been a growing issue for a while. However, in recent times, the Youtube sensation has very much intensified the conversation.

In an interview with MMA Junkie, the outspoken and often controversial 24-year-old pointed out that the UFC president White talks about him so many times that one would think Paul was a big-time UFC fighter.

“I just think it’s funny,” Paul said. “If you really are losing relevancy, then no one talks about you. So the fact that this guy talks about me more than he talks about any other fighter of his, it’s pretty funny. You would think Jake Paul is the number one fighter in the UFC the way he promotes me.”

Recently Dana White expressed his sentiments about Jake Paul in which he said his “shelf life is short,” something which Paul did not take kindly and responded by referencing how little fighters get paid by the UFC whilst White was out betting big on blackjack.

“​​He’s an old hater and I think he sees what I’m doing to his business model. I’m affecting his pockets. I’m talking about fighter pay,” Paul said. “This guy is betting $7 million dollars on blackjack, but his fighters are starting GoFundMe pages.” 

One of the UFC fighters that did start a GoFundMe page was Sarah Alpar who reached out for financial help to help fund her training camp for her next fight. Paul kindly donated $5000 to her whilst further pushing the conversation on fighter pay in the UFC.

“The Problem Child” went on to accuse White on how he would say anything possible to diminish his fighting career, which will only motivate him more to succeed.

“There’s all this bad press coming out about him, because of me and that’s messing up his business and he’s gonna say whatever he can to try and diminish what I have going on, and to try and ruin it,” said Paul. “But what he doesn’t understand about the internet is him talking about me, just only adds fuel to my fire.”

Paul and Tyron Woodley are set to face off in a professional boxing match in what is expected to be one of the most successful sporting events this year. The bout will take place on Aug. 29th at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

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