Sunday, October 2, 2022

Joe Rogan Praises ‘Best Moving Heavyweight’ Ciryl Gane

Joe Rogan believes Ciryl Gane is the best moving heavyweight he has ever seen.

Gane has been turning a lot of heads with his recent outings. In particular, he’s coming off an interim UFC Heavyweight Title win over Derrick Lewis. The performance looked about as effortless as it gets. Gane was in total control throughout the fight and finished it in the third round via TKO.

During an edition of his JRE Podcast, Rogan said that he feels Gane’s movement is unlike anything anyone has seen in the heavyweight division (via Middle Easy).

“Ciryl Gane beat the s—t out of (Lewis). It was a shutout. He shut him out… Ciryl Gane, who’s 6-foot-5, 247lb, moves like a 170-pounder. It’s crazy.

“He’s bouncing like Wonderboy (Stephen Thompson). Bouncing the entire fight, bouncing, throwing feints, like completely changed the standard of heavyweight striking. I’m not exaggerating… There is no question he is the best moving heavyweight I’ve ever seen.”

Rogan then admitted that seeing Gane dispatch of Lewis the way he did made him rethink how a fight with reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou would go.

“(The Lewis fight) changed my opinion on how a fight with (Gane) and Francis Ngannou would go down. At first, my thought was that Francis Ngannou has the nuclear option with everybody. He has such f—king power.

“Francis has excellent technique, Francis has ridiculous power, but he doesn’t have the movement that Gane has. The question is can Francis deal with the movement, and maybe threaten him in a way that Derrick Lewis didn’t figure out how to, and that’s what makes the fight so interesting. But the way that guy moves is something special man.”

Now that Gane is an interim titleholder, a showdown with Ngannou is inevitable. Ngannou has been having some issues with the UFC so time will tell when that situation can be resolved. Ngannou did congratulate Gane for the win but made it clear that he doesn’t view him as a true champion.

Is Ciryl Gane the best moving heavyweight you’ve seen?

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